What is NicePlace?


We really love Latvia, even though we don’t have high and snowy mountains or thousand years old ruins. We love Latvia as it is. And we would like you to love it too.


In Latvia several cultures, religions and traditions have become interlaced with one another. During history soldiers have walked across Latvia from almost all of the countries of Europe, starting from Hungarians to the French and the closest neighbours – The Swedes, Polish, Russians and Estonians. Everywhere in Latvia, footprints of different cultures and ages can be found. In the Latvian language the old sound of the Livonian language can be heard, in the Catholic Latgale, the Latgalian language can still be heard. In the cities of Latvia you can see houses built by German noblemen and Russian tradesmen, and in Latvian cemeteries, Catholics and Orthodox, Old-believers and Lutherans have been buried side by side.


This totality of completely different things and phenomenon is that which best describes Latvia  – Latvians, Latgalians, Livonians, Jews, Russians and Gypsies, Germans, Polish and Belorussians; Catholics, Orthodox, Old-believers, Lutherans, Buddhist and Muslims; sandstone cliffs and dolomite outcrops; endless sandy beaches and  water-bird rush lakes; broad meadows and endless forests; wild horses and herds of Latvian brown cows; big cities and small homesteads; ice-hockey, basketball and curling; roosters in the church spikes and crucifixes at the crossroads.


This is why NicePlace is trying to show Latvia in the way that we perceive it in its souvenirs – with its diverse nature, different and warm-hearted people, different things and many different, beautiful and nice places.



Latvija Nice Place