Cards with gloss press [Leave Your comment]


Design: Zane

Price: Ls 0.40 pcs.

Size: 105x145 mm (suitable for standart size envelopes)

Code: NP-0005 („The Miracle”) / NP-0006 („Rīga”) / NP-0007 („The Rest”) / NP-0008 („The Christmas Tree”)


Somewhat exclusive − printed on an ivory white paper − but at the same time elegantly modest folded cards with small, Chrismas suitable glossiness (red frosted foil, which, unfortunately, is hardly noticeable in the cards’ electronic version, but it’s there!).


If you order them directly from us, price will decrease according to the amount you buy :)

1−10 pcs. − Ls 0.40 per pcs.

11−30 pcs. − Ls 0.35 per pcs.

from 31 pcs. onwards − Ls 0.30 per pcs.

(you can choose cards of one type or make your own compilation from all three types)


Please send your requests on niceplace[at]

Delivery (!!! from 10 cards !!!) within 3 working days with payment upon delivery in Riga city is free of charge. If you want to receive your ordered cards faster, You will have to pay extra Ls 2 for the delivery.


We apologize to the people living in the other regions of Latvia as we hav't set the supply system outside of Riga! :(



Dubultā Ziemassvētku pastkarte „Brīnums” Dubultā Ziemassvētku pastkarte „Rīga” Dubultā Ziemassvētku pastkarte „Miers”