Postcards on recycled paper produced in Latvia


Design: Zane

Price: Ls 0.29 pcs.


Its extremely hard to create a card that would be fully made in Latvia because of a delicate problem. There is only one factory in Latvia that produces paper, besides it is cardboard processed from recycled paper. So we are proud to say that this material helps us to make the most genuine Latvian cards you will not find anywhere else in Latvia. We mean it :)



Pastkarte „Latvijas pilsētas” Pastkarte „Mazā vārdnīca” Pastkarte „Latvija" Pastkarte „Ornamentālā Latvija” Pastkarte „Zemgale” Pastkarte „Studentu Jelgava”

Pastkarte „Soliņš” Pastkarte „Kristaps” Pastkarte „Jūgendstils" Pastkarte „Lift Your Eyes” Pastkarte „All together” Pastkarte „Milda”

Pastkarte „Ornamenti, ugunskrusts” Pastkarte „Ornamenti, mēness” Pastkarte „Ornamenti, saule” Pastkarte „Rīga naktī”vezis vezis

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