Radio „Classic” interviews Zane at NicePlace shop


People, who are working at radio „Classic” (Latvian radio 4) broadcast „In the atelier of artist” wanted to talk with Zane. Of course, about books she makes and other interest things. And as it is stated in the name of the broadcast – interview had to be taken in her atelier.


And so it happened, that Zane’s atelier for the particular moment was situated at NicePlace shop on Laipu street. The other alternative would have been Carnikava, but from Dome square, where Latvian Radio is located, it is much closer to Laipu street :)


In the end, as strange as it might seem, they were talking not only about books, but also about NicePlace. And pretty much, actually. Bu we can for whole 100% assure you, that we paid nothing, not even a santime to interviewers. Although there were moments when it really sounded as if we had paid to make this broadcast so advertising.


You can listen to the interview here (in Latvian only):