NicePlace invites you to Medieval activities


Thanks to Zane’s prior participation in organizing the Baltic Medieval festivals NicePlace has become an active supporter of the Livonian history’s reconstructions. :) Therefor we are very proud to inform you that now everyone is welcome to visit the center of Medieval  activities in Āraiši − „Geidānmuiža”.


Andris Geidāns, who is one of the best known Medieval history reconstruction specialists in Latvia, told us more about his long-cherished idea which now has been brought to life: Our aim is to give people the chance to break away from the absurd marathon that is the 21st century just for a few hours or maybe even days in order to pursue the natural course of life, to get to know the historical side of Medieval Livonia, to observe and take part in various Medieval activities and to get answers to all questions one may have about Livonia from the most professional Medieval reconstruction specialists in Latvia.


Go and see everything for yourself! It is possible to buy the gift cards as well and to present such an opportunity to somebody else.


You can learn more about vēsturiskiaktī and their offers here:



Geidanmuizha Geidanmuizha Geidanmuizha Geidanmuizha